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Tryout Rules


  • Tryouts are closed. This means that only the players, evaluators, and potential coaches will be allowed in the gym. 
  • NO TRAVELING UNIFORMS will be allowed to be worn at tryouts. 
  • Players will be put through a series of drills and skill evaluations. These evaluations will be a combination of objective and subjective criteria. 
  • Players are strongly encouraged to attend both tryout sessions. The player’s best score will be used to determine the final results. 
  • Teams will be selected after the second tryout date. Coaches will notify their players after all selections have been made. Pinnie numbers of the players will be posted on the website (
  • C teams will be considered based on player turnout and practice space availability. 
  • Players must attend an Andover elementary/middle school or live within the city limits of Andover. 
  • Injured player's policy: If a player is deemed injured and unable to attend either of the tryout sessions, that player must provide the association with a written doctor's note. If the player previously participated in Andover Traveling Basketball, the player may be considered to play at the same level as they did the previous year with the current coach's and board approval. In no case, may a player be moved up a level.

ATBB Playing Rule


Playing traveling basketball in this competitive environment should be considered an honor and privilege. The ATBB association has spent many volunteer hours assuring that players receive a fair try-out with evaluators that are independent and experienced. Our coaches are selected through a process that includes a panel interview, evaluations of prior year parent surveys, and a background check. Therefore, when players try-out for traveling basketball with the ATBB, they are expected to play for the team (A/B or C) that they are chosen to play on by the respective head coach. Players or parents will not have the opportunity to play at lower levels unless there are extenuating circumstances, in which case it must be presented in writing and approved by the ATBB board prior to the evaluations. Players are also not allowed to "play-up" at higher age levels.