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Practice guidelines

ATBB Practice Protocols

  1. Prior to practices and games, all players and coaches must self-assess for COVID-19 symptoms, not attributed by other health conditions, including but not limited to:
    • Fever (+100.0) or chills
    • A new, persistent cough
    • Shortness of breath
    • Gastrointestinal symptoms
    • Muscle aches
    • New loss of smell/taste
    • Congestion/runny nose
  2. Enforcing stay at home when sick expectations:
    1. If a player or coach has been exposed without symptoms, they must stay home for 14 days after exposure
    2. If a player or coach has symptoms they must stay home until:
      1. Permission from doctor to return to school/work if symptoms are attributed to something other than the COVID-19 virus & fever free for 24 hours (without medication)
      2. 10 days after first symptoms & no fever for 3 days (without medication) & 3 days of symptom improvement
    3. If a player or coach has received a positive COVID-19 diagnosis, they must stay home for 14 days and fever free for 3 days.
  3. Players and coaches must wash their hands using soap and hot water for 20 seconds prior to and upon completion of practice. This is also required if using the restroom. If soap is not available, hand sanitizing wipes or sanitizer will be available.
  4. Face masks must be worn at all times outside of playing on the court.
  5. Groups should not exceed 25 people within a gym space.
  6. When applicable, social distancing of 6 feet should be adhered to.
  7. No parents or siblings may attend practices.
  8. Restroom breaks should be limited and a face mask is required.
  9. Water fountains are unavailable. Bring your own filled water bottle to each practice.
  10. All players will need to have their own basketball. No sharing of equipment will be allowed.
    1. Coaches must sanitize all team equipment used with provided sanitizing wipes.

Adrenaline Practice Protocols (In addition to above)

  1. Waiver must be completed and on file at Adrenaline. Print and complete the waiver and bring to your first practice at Adrenaline. Waiver is available on the website under Teams and Practice Guidelines.
  2. All players and coaches must enter through the main entrance (facing Hwy 10).
  3. All players and coaches mush check in at the table inside the main entrance, each time they arrive. Give the attendant your last name. Provide the attendant the completed waiver at the first practice.
  4. Players and coaches will wait, with their equipment, in a predetermined space until the previous group on the designated court has left the building.
  5. Players and coaches WILL NOT exit through the main entrance. Instead of using the main entrance, exit through the doors around the perimeter of the building leading out from the practice court.

Practice Arrival  
Players are expected to be on-time for practice.  If a player is going to be late or miss a practice the coach must be notified as soon as possible. Players with continued unexcused missed or late practices can expect to lose playing time.  

  1. Unexcused Absences 
    The coach or assistant coach must be notified in advance.  If you are unable to contact them in person, leave a voice message on their answering machine with the date and time of your message. 

    Unexcused absences will result in the following discipline:  
    First incident – one  game suspension.  
    Second incident – two game suspensions.  
    Third incident – suspension from the team, pending review with the coach, Board member(s), and parent.
  2. Change in Practice Time
    Coaches or the Team Parent will notify players of changes or cancellations in practice times.