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Playing Time Guidelines

ATBB Playing Time Guidelines

  • Grades 4 – 6
    Coaches will focus on the development of all players.  Coaches will attempt to schedule fair playing time for all players.  As a general rule, coaches will play all players in all four quarters of a game. Over the course of the season, all players should receive ample playing time.  
  • Grades 7 & 8
    More emphasis will be placed on performance and competition. Coaches will continue to focus on development, but greater emphasis will be placed on how a player is performing to earn playing time.  Practices will be more intense and competitive.  As a general rule, coaches will play all players in the first three- quarters and use the fourth quarter to compete to the best of the team’s ability. 


Coaches will have the authority to bypass playing time guidelines if they see a need to discipline.  In these cases, the coach is expected to meet with the parent and player and explain the cause of the discipline as soon as possible. Coaches are encouraged to discuss any issues with the parent and child prior to any suspension. If the coach needs to take extensive action (suspension beyond one game) he/she should review his/her recommendation with the ATB Board.

Examples of incidents, which could result in disciplinary action, are:

  • Disrespect shown for coaches, teammates, opponents, or referees.
  • Unexcused missed practices.